Nitobe School: A Decision I’ll Never Regret

Sion Elisabeth
投稿日: 2019-09-06

Sion Elisabeth

Graduate School of Life Science, Master’s course
Nitobe School Basic Program 4th  Batch

I already decided to join Nitobe School (currently known as Nitobe College) since the first time I heard about the program. The promotional presentation was excellent, it offered exciting programs with good testimonies from the alumni. Also, I was curious about 3+1 competencies. Back then, I have a big hope that joining Nitobe School will be an excellent opportunity for my personal development. That’s why I got so excited when I got acceptance notice from Nitobe School.

I gained many crucial personal developments and precious experiences in Nitobe School. Firstly, English communication skill. Pursuing Master’s in Japan is the first opportunity for me to go overseas and to speak in foreign languages, whether in English or Japanese. In every Nitobe School meeting, we need to discuss and give presentations about our project in English. So, every class was a very intense and good practice for English communication skill. I ended up having more confidence to communicate in English.

Second, every class was in the active learning environment. Teachers and also teaching assistants acted as mentors for us and facilitated us in our projects. They gave us some directions, but it’s us who must be active and responsible for our progress. This method trained us to become independent thinkers and decision-makers for our projects. Various skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, project management, problem-solving, problem finding skill, and professional ethics were the part of the competencies that we learned. These skills are applicable to my research and for maintaining self-development in my daily life.

Another skill that I like the most is the leadership skill. I learned that leadership skill is not about being in a particular position as a leader, but it is more like an attitude. It’s about actively participating in teamwork and able to create a pleasant environment in the team for finishing the projects. Members in any position of the team should have leadership skill. Everyone needs to be able to communicate their idea and collaborate properly. The challenges for teamwork were real since we came from various countries with different cultures, languages, working styles, and also the diverse background of studies. However, rather than inhibiting our learning process, I think it was boosting our progress once we can cooperate within the team. I experienced the beauty in diversity.

Lastly, broad topics that offered in every project on class also opened my mind to pay attention to the real conditions in the world. It amplified my motivation to be able to give benefit to society. I’ll implement skills I learned in Nitobe School for the society from now on.

Once a senior said, “Nitobe School won’t change your life, but if you are eager to change your life, Nitobe School is excellent support you can have to pursue it.”

I agreed.

Joining Nitobe School was indeed one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I hope you can experience it too. Join the team!