Wherever You Are, Be All There

Yang Shuangli
投稿日: 2020-08-31

Yang Shuangli
Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Master’s Course
Nitobe College Honors Program 2nd batch student

I believe Nitobe is a great fit for me because I learned how to utilize its diverse area selection to pursue several different interests and now I’m able to correlate the different subjects to create a stimulating, practical educational experience. Joining Nitobe College can be the first step to deepen my connections to others, build greater trust and respect, and improve teamwork, problem-solving and so on.

I wanted to enhance my abilities in innovation and exploration during the course. I reckon that grad students shouldn’t be restricted by their research life, what we can learn from textbooks and lectures is limited. How to break the chain of our traditional study is becoming the most essential subject for me. I want to do something vibrant and undiscovered, so my interests have been branching off and growing rather than changing or shifting because Nitobe offered me this stage of self-development.

After one-year study in Nitobe College, I have noticed that in any area, the deeper you dig into it, the more you find it connects with other areas. Developing your competence in other fields may be difficult. However, accept the challenges you will feel the exhilaration of victory. All you need to do is to go all out.

Brainstorming is a good opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things. In addition, Nitobe instructors always create an atmosphere of pleasurable learning and improvement for all the students. Especially studying in an environment with people of different backgrounds, races and nationalities can be a rewarding and fulfilling professional experience. Therefore, teamwork becomes essential for all of us. No one person has a monopoly on good ideas. Each idea which was born from the research process can be built on until it becomes viable.

As the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, remote work and online class represent an easy and comfortable method to achieve knowledge yet difficult sometimes. Having less face-to-face interaction may create a sense of isolation. Translating strategy and ideas into execution may also be hard for remote fieldwork.

But, wherever you are, be all there.