Pioneer Seminar: Seeing Societal Issues as Business Opportunities

A team of Nitobe School Advanced Program is organizing the third Nitobe School Pioneer Seminar this academic year. This seminar is the platform where students can get opportunity to learn from pioneers. It will foster the ability of students to develop confidence and capability to open up new fields as leaders in an international society. Although this seminar is especially for PhD students, it will be open for everyone. 

Nitobe School Advanced Program: The 3rd Pioneer Seminar 2018

“Seeing Societal Issues as Business Opportunities”

Date: 14th November 2018 (Wednesday)

Time: 18:30-21:00.

Venue: Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, 2F, E207

Invited Speaker:

  Mr. Takahiro Fushimi (Director – C4: Capital for New Commons)