Leadership Boot Camp

投稿日: 2019-09-11


Graduate School of Agriculture, Master’s course
Nitobe School Basic Program 4th batch student

The best learning experience in Nitobe College was that I learned how to organize a group as a facilitator. Leadership was one of the main subjects being taught. Being a good leader takes lots of practices, College provided me a wonderful environment and opportunities to learn crucial skills for being a leader. At the college, I engaged in many team projects, which were related to the crucial global issues. Project themes assigned to us were full of varieties and solving those required ideas from different aspects. Managing teams consisting of members across different graduate schools was challenging and trained me to establish careful communication and trustful relationships to achieve shared goals. I learned that performing leadership for group work is not a one-way process and needs support from members.

What I have acquired in the college helps me a lot in my own research. I continue my research at doctoral level after completing my master’s degree, for which I must effectively conduct experiments. Project management skills, which I learned at the college, are essential to achieving this goal. Successful implementation of experiments requires critical consideration of ideas, making them practical and feasible, and careful planning, including identification of necessary tasks, scheduling, and time management.  Researchers always team up with people from different institution and study fields, which is what Nitobe college resembles. In such groupwork, my study experience will surely help me to lead the team to effectively complete the project.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn these skills at the college. Those lectures I spent with my wonderful classmates are something unforgettable and fulfilled my life in Master’s course.

If you are looking for opportunities to improve your English skills, or to make friends across campus, or simply looking for a break from your research, Nitobe college is one of the options you have. If you are looking for a curriculum to be a leader in the future, Nitobe college is the only choice you got.