Final Presentations of Global Practical Course I, Spring 2024

Post Date: Jun 07, 2024

Students delivered their final presentations of our Graduate Curriculum Pre-program course, Global Practical Course I on Tuesday, June 4 and Thursday, June 6. Students were asked to develop project proposals in their teams to “Improve the Situation of Mixed-race Individuals in Sapporo”, a problem identified by Nitobe College students during Global Advanced Course II (Foundations and Practice of Problem Finding) in the previous semester.

Students were tasked with applying the skills that they developed during the course of Global Practical Course I and develop a 7-minute presentation which included the following points:

  • Background: What is the specific issue you will focus on and why is it important for improving the situation of mixed-race individuals in Sapporo? (Critical Thinking and Intercultural Awareness)
  • Solution: What is your proposal and how will it help to resolve the issue? (Creative Thinking)
  • Justification: Why is your proposed solution more effective than existing solutions? (Critical Thinking)
  • Organization: How will your team implement the project, who on your team is responsible and what skills do they have to bring the project to fruition? (Team Building, Facilitation, and Leadership)

Additionally, we were also grateful to welcome our Nitobe College Mentors, KURODA Taruho (June 4) and FUJII Kodai (June 6) as invited guests, with both providing students with insightful feedback and vital insights into the development of their skills towards future career development.

Student’s presentations from both classes can be viewed below.

Global Practical Course I: Final Presentations (2024.06.04)
Global Practical Course I: Final Presentations (2024.06.06)
Nitobe College Mentor Feedback