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Graduate Curriculum

Q1. Who will be the target students of Graduate Curriculum of Nitobe College?

A. Students enrolled in master’s and professional degree programs are eligible. To enroll, completion of two Pre-program Courses (4 credits), a certain standard of English proficiency, and the evaluation of the report submitted at the time of application meeting the standard are required. After the results are announced, submission of a confirmation of enrollment will also be required. Please note that graduates of the Nitobe College Honors Program: Undergraduate Curriculum who have been awarded the title Cum Laude or above are exempt from completing Pre-program Courses.

Q2. I would like to know if the program is available for students enrolled at Hakodate Campus.

A. As for Core Courses, students of Hakodate campus can participate online.


Q1. Will credits earned at the Nitobe College be counted as the credits required for completion of my master’s program?

A. Credits of Inter-Graduate School Classes can be counted to the completion requirements of your master’s program.Please refer to the student manual of each graduate school whether the credits for Inter-Graduate School Classes are counted as credits necessary for completion.

Q2. What level of the English proficiency is required to participate in the program?

A. Nitobe College sets the score 700 of TOEIC-IP (*equivalent to TOEFL-iBT 76, TOEFL-ITP 540, IELTS 5.0) or higher as a reference score which enables active engagement in course work in English.

Q3. I would like to know course registration procedure.

A1. For core courses (Global Advanced Course I and II) offered as Inter-Graduate School Classes, students must register for the courses themselves according to their graduate school’s course registration schedule. Admitted students must check their class registration in the email notification of acceptance.

A2.For Nitobe College Special Classes (Nitobe College Special Seminar), please inform your application for registration to the specially appointed academic staff of Nitobe College during the designated period.


Q1. I have an opportunity to work as an internship for four months at a laboratory of university abroad. Can I still participate in the Honors Program?

A. Please consult with the Nitobe College Specially Appointed Academic Staff  as soon as possible.

Q2. Which courses will be provided by Nitobe College Special Seminar offered by Honors Program?

A. Carrier Development Seminar for Graduate Students, Entrepreneurship, DEMOLA, and Hult Prize Challenge will be offered in AY 2024.Please refer to syllabus for class contents, requirements, and registration procedure.