Information for Enrolled Students

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Notification of Withdrawal, Leave of Absence and Re-Enrollment

Students who prefer to withdraw from the Honors Program: Graduate Curriculum, those who wish to take a leave of absence or seeking re-enrollment must refer to the following Procedure for submitting a notification of withdrawal, download a necessary form and consult with relevant specially appointed associate professors of Nitobe College.

On completing the form, students should submit them to Nitobe College Section (Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education 1F, No. 6) promptly, preferably two weeks before a starting date of withdrawal, Leave of absence or Re-enrollment respectably.

Academic Assessment Appeals Policy of Nitobe College Course Subjects

Nitobe Program students are entitled to appeal against an assessment decision or grade in which students are unsatisfied with their evaluation.  Please refer to the attachment 1 and 2 for Academic Assessment Appeals Policy and procedures.

1-2.Attachment1_AcademicAssesmentAppealsPolicy(Out of publishing period)
2-2.Attachment2_AcademicAssesmentAppeal(Out of publishing period)