異文化コミュニケーションセミナー開催されました。Transferable Skills Seminar – Intercultural Communication was held.


On May 30th in the Media Court of the main library, 53 students, teachers, and staff gathered to participate in a transferable skills seminar titled “Intercultural Communication: Learn from the U.S. Diplomats.” This seminar, co-sponsored by the Hokudai International Human Resource Development Program (I-HoP), the Hokkaido University Library, Nitobe School, and Nitobe College addressed the topic of goal setting and teamwork in diverse workplaces. Public Affairs Officer Mr. Harvey Beasley, and Management Officer Mr. Justin Tull from the U.S. Consulate General Sapporo first explained about their respective career paths and then the event moved on to a lively panel discussion and question-and-answer session. Students actively asked questions about topics such as how to become a diplomat, what are/how to develop the necessary skills for working in a diverse workplace, how to maintain your personal values, and how to resolve conflicting goals in the workplace. Students were impressed by the speakers’ comments: “Educate, not offend.” “There is more than one way to do things.” “Make big goals.” “To speak foreign languages well, it’s important to be a good listener.” Thanks to Mr. Tull and Mr. Beasley for inspiring members of our university!

Media Court of the main library
説明されるハービー・ビーズリー領事 Public Affairs Officer Mr. Harvey Beasley

Management Officer Mr. Justin Tull