A New Facebook Group Launched!

Nitobe School Basic Program @ Hokkaido University

This group is a virtual “Salon” for Nitobe School students and instructors, and anyone who has interest in the School’s vision and activities. Through creative, critical, and fun conversation, participants in this “Nitobe Salon” are going to amuse one another, to increase the knowledge, and to share information within and beyond the Nitobe School.

1. You can write a post on Nitobe School and share information, which you think group members may find interesting and useful, in English. You can also post still and motion picture images, which show, for example, Nitobe School-hosted classes, events, and functions, and even fun socialization among group members, with a caption in English.

2. Whatever format, your post should always apply pertinent computer literacy and ethics relative to privacy and intellectual property rights. Your post may be deleted without prior notice, if it is believed and claimed as ethical violation and considerable deviation from the group’s purpose.

We are looking for your participation and contribution!!!