Wonderful Days in Nitobe School

Kritika Poudel

Kritika Poudel
Master Course Student, Graduate School of Health Sciences

“Wow! You are pursuing your masters in Japan!”
“Lucky! Studying abroad”

These were some compliments that I received from my friends before I left my country Nepal. I had come to Japan for my Masters and it was not that easy. I had to study hard to pursue my dream; at the same time I wanted to make friends from different countries, cultural backgrounds, academics, whose first language was not mine; as well as to challenge myself with something different. To fulfill these wishes, the best answer I ever got in my university was Nitobe School.

Nitobe School, no doubt, is the one of the most amazing programs of Hokkaido University which provides opportunities to prepare you through active learning and makes you exposed to face the real issues of the world. The four courses, start-up, global issues, problem-solving, and problem-finding will challenge you to think of beyond your specialization areas and develop problem identifying and solving skills. You will meet many students from different academic backgrounds with whom you will search answers to those unanswered questions. Besides, 3+1 competencies will stimulate you to grow your way of thinking in such a way that all of people around you will benefit from it. Nitobe School is not about competing with other students; it is about competing with yourself, to become the better you.

Personally, for me, Nitobe School was a wonderful experience. I learnt how to express my opinion in group, how to accept others’ ideas, how to provide constructive criticism and how to learn positively from mistakes. More importantly, I learnt to be the better version of me. I feel more confident and less nervous when I am asked to have group discussion now. The support I received from different teams in all sessions, guidance from all supervisors, and mentors is the moment to treasure. Who would think of giving back to society in your student days when you are too busy in your own study; but Nitobe School has made me realize the importance of and satisfaction on giving something to the society. Travelling around the globe has always been my passion and Nitobe School makes me aware of the contributions I should also make to mankind whenever and wherever possible during the journey. I am totally indebted to Nitobe School for giving me wonderful friends from countries like Japan, China, Indonesia, Burkina Faso and Korea who are treasure of my life. I am very happy that I could be part of this reputed School and will be always supporting its activities. Thank you Nitobe School. Keep on shining.