Be an Encounter of the Unknown World


Graduate School of Letters, Master’s Course


It was the reason that I decided to learn in the NITOBE SCHOOL. My major is interpretation and translation studies. The clients of interpretation or translation are various, and I treat completely different fields of study for them in most cases. Because of that situation, I had been looking for a place where I can interact with people who major fields that I have never stepped in or have different ways of thinking or looking at things. NITOBE SCHOOL is composed of graduate students who have different nationalities, majors and backgrounds, and I thought that I could put myself into a variety of fresh ideas.

I felt a great interest straight after the start of NITOBE classes. They are conducted based on group work and you discuss specific topics with your group members. The human way of thinking is the strangest of all, none of your members have the same idea with you. You would be stimulated by actual “so many people, so many minds” environment in every class.
For instance, if a question is “what is the globalism,” one would approach it from cultural exchange and another would approach it from DNA binding. The attractive point of NITOBE SCHOOL is that you can encounter new ways of approaching things you had never come up with.

Learning outcomes of NITOBE SCHOOL were beyond my expectation. Thanks to knowledge-exchange with NITOBE students and teachers, the unknown worlds became visible to me. Especially to me having been learning linguistic field, it was so fresh to expose myself to the completely unknown fields of study such as chemistry, pharmacy, engineering, agriculture, fisheries and so forth. In addition, the worlds that I have already known gained new perspectives to examine.

NITOBE SCHOOL is not only for advancing your research but also for expanding your world into more and more like the universe.