A Step towards Sustainable Personal Development

Rajkamal Kumar

Rajkamal Kumar
Graduate School of Engineering, Master’s Course

What was it about the Nitobe School that attracted you?

Firstly, I was strongly attracted to the idea of the “3+1 Competencies” at the core of the school’s curriculum. Being first time abroad for study, I believed that the competencies, such as ability for sustainable personal development, and team organization and management skills, would be great assets for me to achieve academic and career goals. Secondly, the Nitobe School scholarship was also a powerful incentive. On the scholarship, I have been better equipped to carry out my research and able to present my research at conferences, allowing me to expand a professional network and develop confidence as a scholar.

What is your best learning experience at the Nitobe School?

In my class, there were around 30 students, originating from India, China, Thailand and different parts of Japan, which made a diverse class. And the mentors’ meeting was memorable. We got to meet alumni and learn from their experiences about jobs, research and other fields.

How do you manage to commit both the Nitobe School and your research?

The Nitobe School never hindered my research plan. Participation in the program, which requires only 3-4 hours per week, allows me to focus on my personal development away from graduate research. Discussion regarding critical social issues and collaboration with peer students from different fields of study simulated my creativity and refreshed my intellectual mind.

How has your education at the Nitobe School prepared you for future career?

I got plenty of opportunities to improve skills in communication, presentation, leadership, time management, etc. These skills are necessary to be successful in any career. I participated in lots of group works, where I presented my ideas to my peers and instructors and got useful feedbacks from them. They always encouraged to improve my skills by suggesting proper ideas and techniques. After one year, I feel more confident now.

Do you have an exhortation for next Nitobe School students?

Nitobe School is a good platform where you can learn from students other than your own faculties. You can get to know different cultures and make good friends here. As most of the tasks are done in group, it will not take much more of your time and you will never feel bored. You will get plenty of opportunities to improve your skills: leadership, time management, creative and critical thinking and presentation skill, etc. All the classes and discussions are done in English, so you don’t need to worry about your Japanese. Apart from this, there is also a scholarship provided by the Nitobe School, which will help you in your research, attending conferences or even life in Sapporo.
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