Teamwork in Nitobe School

Li Bingrong

Li Bingrong
Graduate School of Economics, Master’s Course

In Nitobe School, I have learned many inspiring and interesting things, but if I could only choose one key word referring to the most impressive and rewarding part, I would like to choose TEAMWORK.

TEAMWORK runs through the whole Basic Program. In our daily research and study, we seldom have chance to do teamwork. Even though you may work in a team, you are usually just required to do certain tasks which have already been decided by your instructor or professor. However, in Nitobe School, you need to communicate with students with different backgrounds and thinking patterns. It’s you that completely decide the roles and plans in one team, and all the team members are connected with each other. You are judged as one part in a team, instead of an isolated individual.

TEAMWORK is extremely difficult, as well as rewarding. You may find every team member has his or her own understanding and ideas, and it can bring about confusion and even conflicts. You must try to consider everyone’s standpoint and background, and critically analyze the overall benefit. Even now, I still cannot say I fully understand all the spirits and tips to have a good teamwork. But undoubtedly, through this one-year-practice, I begin paying attention to jumping outside of my small word and acquire a bigger vision of diversity and overall situation.

Through TEAMWORK, you can learn about leadership. Nitobe School has taught me the difference between LEADERSHIP and LEADER. LEADERSHIP is not the quality owned only by leaders. Here in Nitobe School, no matter which role you may play, you can cultivate good LEADERSHIP if you have a strong sense of responsibility and respect towards others. In the future career, I think LEADERSHIP is an indispensible quality and it can definitely help you go further, no matter which fields you may choose.

In the end, I really feel grateful towards all the excellent instructors and professors I have met. They are all knowledgeable and generous. When you are faced with challenges and troubles, they will spare no efforts to assist you and offer you precious suggestions. So please be confident to join in!