Nitobe School Where I Got an Opportunity to Find Myself a Newborn One: A Place to Improve Myself

Phyo Thandar Thant

Phyo Thandar Thant
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Doctoral Course
Nitobe School Basic Program 2rd batch student, Nitobe School Advanced Program 1st batch student

As I am one of the international students in Hokkaido University, I was looking for a place that I can broaden my network internationally. Luckily, one of my friends told me about the Nitobe School and encouraged me to join the Nitobe School. My first impression of Nitobe School was a place where I can make more friends via English language. However, I became aware of the enjoyable course design provided by Nitobe School after my first class at the Nitobe Basic Program. As I very much like Nitobe School, I also joined the Nitobe School Advanced Program. Though the courses at the Nitobe School are quite intensive, they help me improve myself obviously. Specifically, Nitobe School programs make me more confident in whatever I do: improving my motivation to challenge new horizons with positive thinking.

Not only self-improvement skills, but team organization and management skills are improved through active learning group-work activities at Nitobe Basic and Advanced programs. During the winter term classes in the Basic Program, groups of students are assigned to various field-work studies to identify the real-world problems; we must apply what we learnt so far to real-world situations, identifying the current problems and proposing possible solutions.

The advanced program is more related with practical skills, conducting two practical activities; not necessary to take many classes. Each team of students, in the Advanced Program, is assigned to organize a workshop seminar with the help of instructors. Research grant application practices are also conducted and a certain amount of grants is given to each individual participant for their own research contribution. Thus, Nitobe School is a good international human resource training center, providing qualified human resources to both academic and industry.

Participation in Nitobe School programs demands certain amount of time and enthusiasm to find better of you. The advantages you gain after the courses are incredible. Moreover, the experiences from Nitobe School are also the best practices for conducting one’s research more effectively and efficiently. There is no doubt that I could find better of me through this enjoyable, effective learning environment: Nitobe School. And I also would like to recommend all of you to be a part of this Nitobe Program, “Let’s be ambitious together”.