Nitobe School = Ambition Plus Ultra!

Sikopo Nyambe

Sikopo Nyambe
Graduate School of Health Sciences, Doctoral Course
Nitobe School Basic Program 2nd batch student, Advanced Program 1st batch student

As a PhD student, I’ve had the unique privilege of taking part in both the Nitobe School Basic Program (2016) and Advanced Program (2017). When my supervisor told me about the Basic Program, I was very interested; not for the credits, but the content. I was keen on developing myself, meeting other students, and curious to see what the course could offer.

The Basic Program was an ‘Awesome Experience’! I met some amazing people, made great memories and learnt some lessons I will never forget. The methodology was hands on, open and thought provoking; and I learnt a lot from my own work, colleagues, professors and mentors.

I’d best define the Basic Program as a life course, teaching you how to practically manage the benefits we gain via academic pursuits in society through offering deeper insight and experience. Throughout the course you are building yourself: identifying strengths and weaknesses, making friends, learning team management, how to give back to society and those around you within professional ethics.

The Nitobe School Advanced Program took this to a whole new level! With only 25 places available, its competitive entry requirements add prestige to its definition. Attending the Advanced Program is the dream of any PhD student who aims for excellence. You have the opportunity to ‘Be Ambitious!’ and pursue your passion as a Pioneer with support from teachers, experts and really smart friends.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course: Lectures, seminars from mentors and experts, grant application processes and conducting our own workshops. The Advanced Program offers a scholarship to its students for research pursuits. Thanks to the Advanced Program, I was able to expand my work towards establishing a more sustainable structure for my project. My key takeaway: Greatness is a choice. Dare to be great!

All in all, if you truly aim to be ambitious, join Nitobe School! Ambition Plus Ultra!