How come I met Nitobe School?

In order to dig a straight tunnel penetrating disciplines and cultures. I’ve devoted myself to biology for years. Discussion always with people in biology, presentation always for people in biology. My brain biologized in such an environment will be getting alien to more than 99.999% of the people on the earth, who have nothing special about the field. As long as I partition disciplines and cultures into thousands of jail cells to cast me into one of them, I’ll never see my fruits go around the world but go rotten in the cramped cell. What a wall-ridden life I lead! Once I see a wide variety of worlds beyond the walls, I’ll be able to draw a huge picture of how everyone places value on my work, no matter how small a room I work in and how minute a phenomenon I seek. The mind of jailbreaking brought me to Nitobe School.



What was found in Nitobe School?

How important teamwork is. We always team up in Nitobe School. Unfortunately, I’d been so selfish and exclusive that I didn’t like to see my work with disharmony mixed by other people. It was much more peaceful to complete by myself than to cooperate with others. And yet, unwilling to use my precious time unfairly, I tried to look at the team. Actually a teammate was, for example, familiar with business administration, where I’m wholly a stranger. Another was brought up in a country I only know by name! Even a century cannot raise their views in my tiny brain, which has seen only a microscopic discipline in a nanoscopic culture. Who can throw away these treasures into a trash can? The old me might be straying into another dimension and be satisfied with all my trashy products. The more brains my journey brings, the more times I think again, “where in the world does my brain shine?” and then “how does the shine meet the brain of humankind?” It is TEAMWORK that can dig “a straight tunnel penetrating disciplines and cultures,” smashing every wall without any curve. Nitobe School, where I found the art of jailbreaking, must show you the new you.



Daiki Wakita

Graduate School of Life Science, Doctoral Course