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How We Manage Information

This website management policy has been set to conform to the statement in the Site Policy on Hokkaido University’s (hereinafter referred to as “HU”) official website.

Nitobe College Official Website

The official website of Nitobe College Foundation & Honors Programs for Graduate Students (“This Website”) aims to raise national and international profile of Nitobe College and its graduate program education through the publicity of information, and to help HU students and staff stay updated with the latest information on This Website.

Website Content and Disclaimer

This Website is carefully managed and regularly maintained in accordance with our website management policy. Nitobe College is responsible for the content of This Website and the provision of timely and adequate information. However, the College does not ensure the full reliability of the web content, nor does it guarantee full security of using This Website. Please be advised that we will not be liable for any damages caused through the use of This Website.

Having taken the above into account, we prohibit content which is:

  • Against the policy of the law;
  • Violating copyright;
  • Violating privacy and human rights;
  • Facilitating disinformation and defamation against certain individuals or organizations;
  • Geared towards commercial purposes derailing from the educational and research focus;
  • Focusing on political or religious activities;
  • Classified as confidential to safeguard HU’s education, research and corporate-wide management interests; and
  • Considered inappropriate in public relations and may hamper HU’s communication efforts.


Unless otherwise specified, the copyright in the contents (texts, images and other materials) of all pages of This Website is owned by or licensed to the National University Corporation Hokkaido University Nitobe College. No part of This Website may be applied for secondary use (photocopying, reproducing, transferring to another use or selling for a profit). If you wish to use the contents for fair use in non-commercial or educational contexts, or within legal constraints, please contact Hokkaido University Nitobe College at +81 (0)11 706 5596.

Personal Information

When collecting personal information via This Website, we specify the purpose of use, and will not use the collected information for any purposes other than stated. We may however provide third parties with personal information in the following circumstances where:

  • Required by law to do so;
  • Prior consent or approval has been obtained; or
  • Requested for the greater good of society.