Open Class of Advanced II: Sapporo & Hakodate in 50 years

Nitobe College Honors Program for Graduate Students will offer the last class of its Advanced II (Problem Finding) as an open class.

Nitobe College Students learned the method of finding a problem by themselves. Their presentation topic is “Sapporo & Hakodate in 50 years”. Students will present their findings of what problems we may face in 50 years in the era of 100-year life, after research, fieldwork, etc.

We would like to welcome everyone interested in the session.


Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 16:30-19:45

Venue: Room 111, 1F, Students Communication Station

Language: English


-No appointment necessary.

-Those who are interested in Nitobe College or prospective students for April, 2020enrollment are welcomed to join.