Professional English & Communication Class (Open to Public)

Professional English & Communication is set up as support courses, in order to improve English ability of Nitobe College students.

Professional English & Communication is composed as intensive lectures for 8 sessions. This time, 6 sessions will be open to public. During these 6 sessions, students will learn English discussion skills and negotiation skills in small class.

Undergraduate students and graduate school students of Hokkaido University are welcomed to join the course. The course will be conducted using team-based active learning method, thus, the discussion skills and negotiation skills you learned in this course will be useful for your future job hunting, thesis defense, etc.


・English Discussion & English Negotiation (All 6 Sessions)

* It is possible to attend only morning session or afternoon session.

Target: undergraduate students and graduate school students in Hokkaido University

Capacity: Max 20 students for each class

Application: http://bit.ly/proenglish2019



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