Open Class of Advanced I: Problem Solving Project Presentation on Immigration Issues in Japan

Nitobe College Honors Program for Graduate Students will offer the last class of its Inter- Graduate School Classes “Advanced I” as an open class.

Nitobe College students learned the knowledge of problem solving. They tackled on issues of Zainichi Koreans, Nikkei Brazilian, Trainees came through TITP, foreign care workers and stateless people in Japan. They will give project presentations in an effort of solving these problems.

We would like to welcome everyone interested in the session.


Date: Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019, 16:30-19:45

Place: 111 Lecture Room L2, Student Communication Station (Former Institute of International Collaboration) 1F

Language: English


-No appointment necessary.

-Those who are interested in Nitobe College or prospective students for 2020 enrollment are welcomed to join.