Completion of Nitobe College Programs

13 students of Foundation Program for Graduate Students, 22 students of Honors Program for Graduate Students and 5 students of Nitobe School’s Basic Program respectively completed Nitobe College and Nitobe School Programs in March 2020.

      Certificate of completion was handed to each completed student at Nitobe College Section due to cancellation of completion ceremony for prevention of further Novel Coronavirus transmission.

      Students who completed the Honors Program were awarded the title of Associate (Graduate) and two students among them who achieved notably excellent results were awarded Highest Honor.

(Award recipient)
Chukwu Ifeanyi Promise (Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences)
Shinnosuke Kajii (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)

【Message from the award recipient】
My Learning experiences at Nitobe College
                                                                                                                                                                         Chukwu Ifeanyi
Taking part in Nitobe College expanded my horizon, increased my multidisciplinary network and offered me the knowledge and professional skills that would enable me to be an effective global player. Through the highly interactive and engaging nature of the classes, I acquired the confidence of self-expression as well as how to make an effective presentation, while at the same time cross breeding ideas from fellow students and professors. My world view has been widened and I feel empowered to follow the trajectory that would lead to professional excellence.
      Nitobe college also granted me the opportunity to engage in finding innovative solutions to societal issues. Multiple times, with my multidisciplinary and international teammates, did I engage in several creative and critical thinking sessions, as well as using problem-solving approaches, including some problem finding field works to solve issues. Also, I participated in the Nitobe college mentor’s forum which helped position me to gain first-hand knowledge on how to be competitive and approach to my future career in the best possible way.
      Although my motivations to undertake Nitobe program were largely intrinsic, there were a couple of extrinsic incentives the college offered me. The most basic was the course credits I obtained and the IELTS exams subsidy that enabled me to take the language test. Looking back, it is humbling to see that not only did I achieve my learning desires in Nitobe College, but that I received the Honors Scholarship and more importantly, to my astonishment, the Nitobe College Highest Honors Award.
      I feel very proud to have taken the Nitobe program because I feel profoundly empowered haven gained the quality knowledge and professional skills sets that would enable me to achieve excellence in my future endeavors. Nitobe College took my general academic experience at Hokkaido University to an exceptional level.


Awarding certificate of completion with Highest Honor and a prize to Chukwu Ifeanyi Promise
Awarding certificate of completion with Highest Honor and a prize to Shinnosuke Kajii