Enrollment Ceremony of Nitobe College Program, Fall 2019

Enrollment Ceremony of Nitobe College’s Graduate Education Course was held on Saturday, November 2 at Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Hokkaido University. The Ceremony was indeed the first one to be held in Fall Term since the integration of previous Nitobe College program for undergraduates and Nitobe School program for graduates.

       The Enrollment Ceremony were held at N1 lecture room from 11 a.m. As a result of thorough screening, 22 successful candidates out of 23 applicants from 12 graduate schools were permitted their enrollment in the Foundation Program and 26 successful candidates out of 31 applicants from 11 graduate schools were permitted in the Honors Program.

       Enrollment Ceremony was held with participation of Prof. Ko HASEGAWA, Deputy Principal of Nitobe College (Executive Director, Vice President of Hokkaido University), a Vice Principal of Nitobe College as well as class instructors and so on.

       At the ceremony, the Deputy Principal Hasegawa offered an encouragement to the new students, “to build on the knowledge and experience you have gained to play significant roles in the network connecting Hokkaido University with the rest of the world, as well as helping to lead the development of the international community.”

       Followed by introduction of related professors, Mr. Chukwu Ifeanyi Promise who recently completed the Foundation Program and go on to the Honors Program made a speech in English on his experiences and achievements in Foundation Program.

       Finally, Mr. Dengri Abhinav who newly enrolled in the Foundation Program made a speech and gave message to the fellow students and expressed his expectations of studying in the program.


Speech by the Deputy Principal of Nitobe College
Speech by the representative of completed students
Speech by the representative of new students