Congratulations! Completion Ceremony was Held, Fall 2019

Completion Ceremony of Nitobe College was held at Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 with attendance of 21 students out of 65 graduates of Foundation Program for Graduate Students as well as one Basic Program student of Nitobe School. Deputy Principal Hasegawa of Nitobe College read aloud certificate and presented to one representative of graduates at the Ceremony.

Deputy Principal Hasegawa pointed out in his message “to respond to the rapid globalization, there has been increasing demand in recent years for people who are capable of resolving issues as part of a team and surpassing individual levels of expertise to help create new social values”, and offered encouragement to the graduating students “to play significant roles to help to lead the development of the international community through the learning experience at the Nitobe College.”
The Ceremony was over with taking a commemorative photo of Deputy Director and the representative student.

After the Ceremony, debrief session of Hult Prize was held by one of the completing students Chukwu Ifeanyi Promise. He made presentation on his participation in the Hult Prize including accelerator program recently held in London and expressed his thanks to fellow students and instructors who supported his activity.

Presenting a Certificate of Completion
Completing students and faculty members