Purpose / Philosophy of Education

Educational Philosophies and Objectives of Nitobe College

In line with the basic philosophies of Hokkaido University (i.e., frontier spirit, global perspectives, all-round education, and practical learning) and based on the spirit of Inazo Nitobe, Nitobe College aims to cultivate individuals who have the following abilities. Nitobe College students should acquire these abilities through its interdisciplinary educational program while at the same time acquiring expertise in their fields of study in their respective degree courses.
・Abilities and skills for oneself (e.g., English proficiency as a communication tool, cultural and social identities)
・Abilities and skills for others (e.g., leadership and teamwork skills necessary to succeed in a global society)
・Abilities and skills for society (e.g., skills to find and solve problems in a culture different from one’s own, social responsibility, and ethics)

What is the Foundation Program for Undergraduates? (1st year)

The major goal of the Foundation Program is to help students realize the need for active learning with a clear sense of purpose, assisting with the transition from their pre-enrollment style of learning centered around the acquisition of basic knowledge. Students also work to improve their English as a communication tool and to develop leadership and teamwork skills through group work while contemplating the significance of overseas study for themselves.

What is the Honors Program for Undergraduates? (2nd year up to graduation)

Based on the conscious learning and advanced communicative English skills developed in the Foundation Program, the Honors Program aims to encourage students to foster global leadership skills through the development of an independent-minded personality with a strong sense of ethics and a well-rounded character in a culture different from their own through overseas study.

What is the Nitobe College Course for Graduate Students?

In addition to an undergraduate course, Nitobe College also offers a graduate course for students in master’s degree programs and professional-degree programs in our graduate schools. Like the undergraduate course, the graduate course consists of a Foundation Program and an Honors Program.