Inazo Nitobe and the Vision for Nitobe College

What is Nitobe College?

Nitobe College is named after one of the most notable Hokkaido University alumni, Inazo Nitobe, the author of the well-known book Bushido: Soul of Japan. He was also an Under-Secretary General for the League of Nations from 1920-1926.

The Spirit of Inazo Nitobe

  • Individuality based on integrity and ethics
  • An international spirit free from prejudice
  • International education where all nationalities are treated as equals

Vision for the Mindsets and Skillsets Developed at Nitobe College

Students should strive for

  • An independent minded personality
  • An understanding of the global society and the possibilities for their future place in that society
  • Global leadership and communication skills encompassing a wide range of knowledge and competences