The First Nitobe College Mentor Forum 2019

The first Nitobe College Mentor Forum 2019 was held on Saturday, August 3 at Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Hokkaido University.

Nitobe College’s Graduate Education Course appoints those who play active roles in various fields in society as Mentors. They help students to become more conscious of their careers, broaden their perspectives and build networks of personal contacts.

Held twice a year, the Mentor Forum provides opportunities for Nitobe College students to make their idea for career path more specific and broaden their perspectives through interaction with mentors as approachable role models for Nitobe College students.

In the first session, each of six Mentors and one guest speaker gave brief presentation about his/her career and experience in English with the theme of career path and career change. Nitobe College students listened carefully and inspired by their suggestions.

Then free question and answer session was held in the second session. The students had a great opportunity to ask questions on their research activities at the university as well as upcoming career development to each mentor/guest speaker and obtained advice based on his/her own experiences.

The students gained helpful insight through their participation in the Mentor Forum: how they could spend their graduate school years having good motivation toward study and research and thus proceed their future career design.

The first Mentor Forum 2019 was realized with the cooperation of seven guest speakers including six Mentors. Thank you very much for all the guests for their generous support to realize the Forum.

Group photo with the Mentors
Special lecture session by the mentors (Hagino Mentor)
Saheki Mentor
Exchange meeting session with the mentors (Nakahara Mentor)
Wada Mentor