Learning at Nitobe college

Utilize Your Expertise, Unleash Your Potential!

Nitobe College for Graduate Students was launched in April 2019, carrying forward the achievements of its original program, Nitobe School. This new program is for all master’s students at Hokkaido University, intended to develop them into professionals with knowledge and skills essential to thrive in a globalizing world.

Curriculum that reflects Hokkaido University’s “Practical Learning” Philosophy

At the Nitobe College, the students engage in project-based team learning. The students empirically learn the whole process from ideation, planning, implementation, and conclusion, using their creative and critical thinking skills, project management skill, along with varied skills for productive collaboration, including leadership, facilitation, and presentation.

The Nitobe College for Graduate Students encourages students to acquire the competencies demanded in the global society of today by accumulating the experiences of implementation of projects for the purpose of making significant advances by applying their expertise.