Greetings from the Principal

Greetings from the Principal of Nitobe College

Toyoharu Nawa
President of Hokkaido University
Principal of Nitobe College

Currently, Hokkaido University is working on two new projects to promote the globalization of the university.
Firstly, we will expand the enrolment of international students, aiming to increase numbers to 10% of the student body. This effort is progressing on schedule. Additionally, the number of international undergraduate students is expected to double under the Modern Japanese Studies Program, which started in 2015.
Secondly, we will increase the opportunities to send Japanese students to overseas institutions, and in this effort Nitobe College plays a central role.
The Nitobe College and the Modern Japanese Studies Program both play important roles in the globalization of Hokkaido University. However, the objectives of the two are not limited to just increasing the international student enrolment and sending Japanese students to institutions in other countries, but are also part of the efforts to accelerate the globalization of Hokkaido University in our efforts to make it a “Bilingual Campus.” To avoid misunderstandings, we do not just picture a campus where English and Japanese are used everywhere. The idea of the Bilingual Campus is to create a campus where a variety of values and ideas interact, respecting the contributions of all and becoming integrated. That is the Globalization of the Campus that we envision.
The Nitobe College is named after one of the most notable Hokkaido University alumni, Inazo Nitobe, the author of the well-known book Bushido: The Soul of Japan and one of the first Under-Secretary Generals of the League of Nations (the forerunner to the United Nations). Inazo Nitobe is one of the internationally best known Japanese, the person who interpreted and presented the Japanese sense of ethics and world view to international society. The basic idea of the establishment of Nitobe College, “Educating self-motivated individuals, courteous with deeply anchored ethical values” originated with Inazo Nitobe. This college aims to follow in the footsteps of and develop the tradition of Hokkaido University like it originated from Sapporo Agricultural College, and to make this the core value of Nitobe College.
The students who enrolled this year in Nitobe College have started their study with flying colors. We, the staff of the college are also dedicated in striving to provide the very best education possible. We express our appreciation to everybody for the interest in and support for Nitobe College and its educational efforts.