Support System

Nitobe College for Graduate Students provides you not only with classes but also several systems to support your learning. Nitobe portfolio visualizes all your learning process. The Scholarship helps your activities in the College. Mentors help you draw a career path.  TOEIC-IP test measures your English proficiency to improve it.

Nitobe Portfolio

Nitobe Portfolio (NPF) is an online system that allows students to self-evaluate their attainment level of the “3 +1 Competencies” and thereby map out their future study plan. With the help of this comprehensive network system, students can record the progress and outcome of their graduate research and studies at Nitobe College for Graduate Students, while their research supervisors and the Nitobe College for Graduate Students faculty use the records to offer valuable specific advice.


The scholarship program grants scholarships to students who register for the Honors Program for Graduate Students, subject to a screening process. Grantees shall be determined in consideration of the academic achievement of the Foundation Program and application documents in a comprehensive way.

  1. Scholarship for Nitobe College Honors Program for Graduate Students
    Purpose: Academic support

    To apply, please carefully follow the instruction on Application Guidelines available online at the link below.

    [Application Guidelines] Application Guidelines for Scholarship

    [Prescribed Form] Scholarship Application Form

    [Application Form] (Closed)

    ■ Application Period
    Wednesday, September 13 to Tuesday, September 19, 2023 , by 17:00

    ■ Notification of Screening Results
    Notified by E-mail to each applicant (intended by Wednesday, October 11) 

  2. Nitobe College Overseas Study Scholarship
    Purpose: Promotion of learning and research overseas



Mentors utilize their practical experience and networks to support the learning experience and career planning of College students. Each year, a meeting is held in which mentors offer valuable advice to students and help them expand the networks required to build their careers.

Mentors list

Counseling Service

Counseling service for Nitobe College students provides appropriate advice and support about problems in registering for the Nitobe College Program for Graduate Students and in balancing education and research activities in the graduate schools. Students who want to receive counseling should make a reservation by email after confirming the reservation procedure on Student Handbook.


Nitobe College Section, Nitobe College Office
Tell: 011-706-5596