Introduction of the Courses

Foundation Program

Core Courses

Foundation I: Basics of Team-based Learning (2 Credits) Spring/Fall Term
  • Ensuring the Nitobe College for Graduate student’s educational principles and goals, and discussing the importance of “3+1 Competencies”.
  • Comprehend the necessity of the “know-how” and communication tools, which are vital to ensure the best outcomes from a group-based collaboration while discussing with each member of the team, who has different specialty and values.

syllabus 2021 (Spring) syllabus 2021 (Fall)

Foundation II: Practice of Team-based Learning (2 Credits) Summer/Winter Term
  • Improvement of knowledge and skills, which students learned in the Spring Term through working on various exercises concerning the concrete case studies.
  • The students learn the basics of project management and fieldwork and develop their critical thinking through comparing, understanding, and analyzing other’s views on the shared themes.

syllabus 2021 (Summer) syllabus 2021 (Winter)

Elective Course

Nitobe College Foundation Seminar: Career Development Seminar for Graduate Students (1 Credit) Spring and Summer Terms

Honors Program

Core Courses

Advanced I: Problem Solving (2 Credits) Spring/Fall Term
  • By studying Problem-solving, the students will learn about organizational work and collaboration, which are necessary in solving problems, through a process for proposing solutions to problems set by the teaching staff.
  • The problems will not be limited to those of individuals and businesses. The students will address such problems as those whose solution will bring creative value to society.

Syllabus 2021 (Spring) Syllabus 2021 (Fall)

Advanced II: Problem Finding (2 Credits) Summer/Winter Term
  • Through Project-Based Learning in teams, the students will experience the project process from finding problems by themselves, to analyzing the causes, surveying and assessing existing solutions, and proposing their own solutions.
  • For some special problems, teaching staff and representatives from local communities and businesses with specialized knowledge will collaborate in this course.

Syllabus 2021 (Summer) Syllabus 2021 (Winter)

Elective Courses

Project Implementation (1 Credit)

Students will learn thoroughly about how to write a clear and persuasive project plan or a research grant proposal, as well as how to do an English presentation. Students are expected to acquire the ability of creating new ideas and to observe from a bird’s eye view. Meanwhile, it will enhance students’ research ability in their own fields.

Syllabus 2021 (Spring)

Syllabus 2021 (Winter)

Nitobe College Special Seminar for Graduate Students: Demola (2 Credits)

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Syllabus 2021 I Syllabus 2021 II

Nitobe College Special Seminar for Graduate Students: Hult Prize Challenge (2 Credits)

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