Learn with Nitobe College Fellows

Currently, there are 33 Nitobe College Fellows. The Fellows, who have worked around the world in a broad range of jobs, bring a wealth of experience and stories to the students. Fellows volunteer their time to meet and work with students in various programs throughout the year. Fellows talk about their own college lives, their experiences working abroad, and their ideas and thoughts about the future of Japan and of the global society. Each Fellow organizes discussions and activities for a group of about 20 students in the first semester in the Foundation program. In the second semester, Fellows lead Fellow Seminars in which students investigate a specific local issue introduced by the Fellow and propose some solutions in their final presentation. Students in the Honors program are eligible to sign up for the Taiwa (dialog) program, a mentoring-style program. Students sign up to talk to individual Fellows on a one-to-one basis. This popular program gives students a chance to hone their communication skills while discussing future academic or career plans on a deeper level with the Fellows of their choice.