Open Class of Professional Ethics (Foundation II): Artificial Intelligence in Professional Practice

Nitobe College for Graduate Students will open its Winter term Professional Ethics seminar, the first class of Foundation II of the Nitobe College Foundation Program for Graduate Students, to all students and faculty members at Hokkaido University.

This lecture aims to provide a basic understanding of the advantages & challenges of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies across domains, including research, education, and work. Exploring the numerous advantages that AI brings, including increased efficiency, accelerated innovation, and personalized learning experiences, the lecturer will address the ethical concerns, potential job displacement, and the imperative need for responsible AI implementation.

The lecturer for the class, Dr. Rafal Rzepka, is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Information Science and Technology at Hokkaido University. His research interests include natural language processing, common sense knowledge acquisition, artificial general intelligence, and machine ethics. He is a member of AAAI, JSAI, JCSS, and ANLP. He has authored or co-authored over 300 papers in the fields of computer science, cognitive science, linguistics, and applied ethics.

Date: Thursday, 21st December 2023 (16:30-17:00)

Venue: Room S5 (1F), Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, S-Building

Language: English

Nitobe College welcomes participation from any Hokkaido University students, faculty, and staff members without reservations. For any enquiries, please contact Dale Whitfield (Assistant Professor of Nitobe College):