Practical English for Overseas Education

The objectives of this course are to acquire academic skills needed to study abroad and to improve communication skills in English. Three levels of classes are offered, all small classes with about 20 students taught by native English teachers. Students will be assigned to a class based on a placement test and may start at any time from the first year till the year of graduation.

Arts and Science Courses in English

This course allows undergraduate students to study with international students (from countries other than Japan), and aims to encourage international and Japanese students to interact and develop mutual relationships, to become aware of different views and values, and be able to provide mutual support. As a rule, classes are given in English.

Specialized Subjects Given in English

This course is designed to teach specialized subjects in English.

Experience-based Training (Fieldwork Seminars)

This course is designed for students in the 1st year and is comprised of a variety of field training activities conducted in small classes of about 20 students. The course aims to develop leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills through experiencing activities on a training ship and at a farm, as well as study of environmental issues in an experiment forest.

Co-learning in Multicultural Classrooms

The course cultivates problem-solving skills through multicultural interaction in Japanese for international and Japanese students. Students will acquire and deepen knowledge and understandings related to other cultures and multicultural situations, and improve problem-solving skills with fellow students of various backgrounds.

Japanese Culture and Society

This course is designed to develop student awareness of what it means to be Japanese in the world today.

Volunteer and Internship Experiences

This course offers students opportunities to understand the importance of working with a strong sense of responsibility as well as to realize what issues are worth pursuing in a multicultural society.