Inazo Nitobe and Nitobe College

What is Nitobe College?

The Nitobe College is a program for undergraduate students of Hokkaido University aimed to educate a new generation of global leaders. The 200 students per year who are enrolled in the program earn 15 credits from the Nitobe College curriculum in addition to the regular university Bachelor degree requirements. They will receive intensive training in English and must spend one semester studying abroad to complete the Nitobe College requirements. Students who complete the program receive a special diploma.

The college is named after one of the most notable Hokkaido University alumni, Inazo Nitobe, the author of the well-known book Bushido: The Soul of Japan and one of the first Under-Secretary Generals of the League of Nations (the forerunner to the United Nations).

The Spirit of Inazo Nitobe


  • Individuality based on integrity and ethics
  • An international spirit free from prejudice
  • International education where all nationalities are treated as equals



Vision for the Skills and Abilities Developed at Nitobe College

The objectives of the College are to educate students to possess

  • an independent minded personality
  • a clear sense of national identity within the global context
  • global leadership skills encompassing a wide range of knowledge and competences