From Hokkaido University to the World

Nitobe College provides the opportunity to achieve the goals of ambitious students at Hokkaido University.

img_inazo-nitobeTo prosper in this rapidly changing modern society, it is necessary to acquire not only basic specialized knowledge but also to have the skills to utilize and put this knowledge into practice. Globalization also makes it essential for us to acquire communication skills in English, the common language of the world, to be able to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This makes it essential for students to deepen understanding of other cultures in addition to developing cooperative and flexible attitudes. Leaders of modern society who can be expected to pioneer the new age must show initiative and responsibility as well as develop the teamwork and problem-solving skills required when interacting on the global stage.

The Nitobe College is an educational program specifically designed to provide a variety of educational opportunities to cultivate a rich human understanding additional to the usual specialized undergraduate education. The objectives of the program are for students to become self-motivated, learned individuals, with an established clear sense of national identity, and a cultivation of internationalism and leadership, in addition to the students broadening their knowledge base.